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New Zealand’s Biggest,

All Age Inflatable Obstacle Course!

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Go Media Stadium
April 17th — April 21st, 2024

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New Zealand’s only all age inflatable obstacle course

It’s time to head out and experience the largest adult inflatable obstacle course in New Zealand!

Are you ready for this unique adventure?


Experience Megaland

A massive inflatable obstacle course.

We’re not here to do things halfheartedly, so the Megaland team have created an epic 345 meter long course with 43 challenging obstacles. You’ll find 8 different mega-slides to zoom down. Crawl through the tunnel of spikes, bounce over the beach balls of doom then jump straight into a giant adult ball-pit before taking on 15 rugby players, and finishing with the MEGA slide.

Guaranteed to give you one mega experience!

A mega experience for your next event.

The options are endless and Megaland can be uniquely tailored for your next event, festival, or experience.  

Whether you’re launching a product, creating brand awareness or just want a Mega-epic experience,

Megaland is guaranteed to create excitement, energy and fun.  

Corporate Events
Team Building

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